Hi,I’m Maurice !

If I was home right now (and there was no Coronavirus), what would I be doing? With the weather being as wonderful as it is, I believe that I would definitely take the time to go to the botanical garden in my old neighborhood in Brooklyn to take in the great May weather and enjoy a picnic in the park. Here’s a picture of what it looks like around this time:

After taking some time to chat and catch up with my family & friends in wonderful place with such memories for me; I would plead with them to give me some time to enjoy a book under the clear sunny skies of New York on the grass and dive into a book.

Here’s what I’m reading:

After a respite of a few pleasant hours of reading I’ve worked up quite the appetite and want to show my appreciation to my family for giving me the time to enjoy my book. I suggest that we go to enjoy sushi at my favorite restaurant – Blue Ribbon in Soho – about 20 min subway ride from the park.  It’s some of the best sushi in NYC and as good as what you may find here in Japan.

As it’s the end of the weekend, we decide after dinner to go home early and tuck my family in for the night so that I can get to my day at the office nice early to kick off the week.


See you next time!