Do you want to surprise your boyfriend, girlfriend, crush, teacher or colleague with a rose 🌹?

Put then, before February the 9th, 1 euro in an envelope and post it in the postbox on the second floor. Don’t forget to write the name of the lucky one, his or her class, and maybe a nice message!



This was the message that appeared every year around February in the school corridors of the junior high school where I was teaching French, back in the days in Holland.


When Valentine Day came, everyone was super excited. ‘How many roses will I get? From whom?’ students were whispering in my lesson. They couldn’t concentrate at all on the French text!


How big was my surprise when my first year I received  a rose 🌹 from a mystery person. A colleague? A student? Till today I’m still wondering who send me the rose. But I was very glad with it.


We all want to get some special attention from time to time. Don’t we?


In Japan students give each other also little presents as cookies or chocolate 🍫, on Valentine Day.


I think this is a lovely 🥰 habit.


I wish everybody a very nice Valentine with a lot of nice surprises.