Hello all,

For this blog, I thought I would write about Christmas in Australia, which is quite different to many other countries around the world.

The biggest difference is that Christmas in Australia happens during Summer, which means Christmas Day is very hot. It is usually around 30 degrees! This means that many Australian people spend Christmas Day with their family outside, usually in the backyard enjoying a BBQ or going to the beach to play sports and go swimming.

When I was a child, I thought it was strange that many Christmas books and movies always had a lot of snow, and Santa Clause dressed in very warm clothes. Australian people think that Santa arrives in Australia on a surfboard wearing board shorts! Also, there is often a Christian message related to Christmas about the story of Jesus. Most Australian people are not religious, so I don’t really care about this.

It never snows in Melbourne, even in Winter, so I love being able to experience a ‘White Christmas’ in Japan. It feels more like the traditional idea of Christmas, except Japanese people usually eat chicken instead of turkey, and prefer to spend time with their friends or partners rather than their family.

One thing I don’t like about Christmas is having to choose presents for people, it’s a pain <kri>. One time I gave my wife some cash as a Christmas present, because I was too lazy to go shopping. She was not happy!

Wishing you all a safe and happy Christmas time!