Hello everyone!

It’s learning time!
Have you felt that your reading skills are not improving? Or have you attended some reading lessons and did not understand much? Do you need to improve your reading skills for an English Exam?


This is a great opportunity for you!


Stage Line is starting a pilot lesson with some theory and practice to develop Reading Skills.






Reading SKILL UP   14:00~ 担当:Miguel
Reading PRACTICE 15:00~   担当:Richard









The class will be divided into two sessions:

★Session 1 Building-up Reading Skills: From scratch, here you will train some basic and advanced reading skills. You will learn from how to pay attention to key words, using you reading time properly, taking notes, analyzing information, inferring and interpreting the author’s mood and purpose, and so much more!

★Session 2 Practice Reading: Theory without practice is useless. Here you will be able to put into practice what you learned in session 1 and develop and improve your reading skills. You will learn new vocabulary, find synonyms and answer questions about the texts. You will truly have the chance to prove your abilities and challenge yourself to the next level.


You can freely attend any of the two lessons on their own, but we highly recommend attending both to maximize your skill development.

We will be glad to see you here!
Richard & Miguel