Last week I used a day-off opportunity and went by car to Kawaguchiko in Yamanashi Prefecture. It took me about one hour and half to reach the destination but it was worth the effort. The weather was perfect and Mt. Fuji was awesome – white and immovable. Personally, I do not like the word `awesome` and hardly ever use it, saving it for special occasions. This time Mt. Fuji was really awesome, awe-inspiring. Apparently, the word `awe` comes from the onomatopoeia: `uwoooooow` which expresses one`s feeling once he can see something formidable,or divine. It has little do do with Japanese スゲェー!! as the term is often translated. Anyway, as one writer said, there is no single Mt. Fuji. You can make it climbing Fuji, Line Fuji, Shinkansen Fuji and all the rest. Well, enjoy!Tokyo Instructor: LukaszPhoto: Lukasz