I’ve spoken of my favorite cake shop before. It’s very interesting and I’d like to share about it. Near Nakameguro station, there is a patisserie that creates desserts using vegetables. They create the most interesting combinations using veggies that we normally associate with savory food. When you first see them, they seem like a science experiment, but they work perfectly! Some of their unique concoctions are tomato shortcake, pumpkin tart, burdock “ゴボウ” pudding, just to name a few. My personal favorites would be the edamame pudding and the spinach chiffon cake. They are just divine! I highly recommend them. On this photo, I tried the leek “ネギ” cheesecake. It sounds very strange, but I promise you, it was very yummy.東京インストラクター: Nico写真撮影:Nico