As some of you might know I live with my family in Shiogama. My house is on the top of a hill, which makes it really tough going home in the summer by the way, so I have a really nice view of everything from Urato-Shoto to Tagajo. I don’t know if it’s in Tagajo or Shichigahama, but by the ocean where I imagine the border between those two municipalities go there is a big refinary sort of thing. I’m not sure if they’re dealing with oil or gas or what, but the thing is that recently it’s been going completely nuts! You know the tall towers that burn off excess gasses or whatever it is and shoot up large flames into the air? They’ve been going all Barad-dur every night for the last few weeks. Seriously, when you try to compare the size of the flames to the surrounding buildings, you realize they’ve got to be more than 50 meters tall! I guess this is what it must have felt like crossing the Dead Marshes with the Eye of Sauron spying for you on the horizon… Scary stuff. But pretty cool at the same time! Or maybe this is what Bruce Springsteen where imagining the protagonist of Born In The USA was seeing from the shadow of the penitentiary. Anyways, check it out! 駅前校インストラクター:Axel 写真撮影:Axel