These last few weeks have been a lot of fun for me. My parents, my brother and his wife, and their two daughters came over from Sweden to spend some time with me and my family here. They all stayed at my house in Shiogama, so it was quite crowded but we all get along fine so that didn’t pose any problems. Since the only time you can get fresh strawberries in Sweden during the warmest part of June and July, we had decided to go strawberry picking in Watari. The berries were incredibly delicious and almost too sweet for me. I prefer them when they’re still a litle bit white around the top. The day was so nice and warm that we decided to go check out the beach after our 40 all you can eat minutes were up. All beaches on the East coast were completely ruined by the tsunami four years ago, but I had heard that one of the beaches in Watari, Tori no Umi, I believe it’s called, had been cleaned up and cleared for public use. Using the car’s navigation system we soon found it and it was only a short drive away. When we got there however, me, my brother John, and his first daughter Freya were the only ones awake. Everyone was pretty exhausted because we had gotten up early and our bellies were full. Anyways, the three of us went to take a look at the beach, and it was great! The debris from the disaster had been cleaned up and new tetrapod barriers had been built. One of my favorite things to do when I was a kid was to walk along the sea and look for interesting things that had been washed ashore, and since my niece is the perfect age for that kind of activity we decided to go scavenging. We soon found some excellent material to forge a great post-apocalyptic armor suit, along with two extremely cool looking barnacle covered road pylons. It was a good day. 駅前校インストラクター:Axel 写真撮影:Axel