Hello, everyone! Remember how much I love Takarazuka?Did you watch the news? On Sunday my favorite Takarazuka actress, Yuzuki Reon, graduated from Takarazuka. It`s so sad!But, on Sunday, I went to the Tokyo Takarazuka theater to say goodbye. The news said 12,000 people went to Tokyo Takarazuka!I can believe it. There were so many people. We filled Hibiya completely, but we tried not to cause trouble. I`m afraid we still made things difficult, though… Sorry!I was in Hibiya from 6:00AM until 9:00PM! But it was worth it. I got to see all the graduating Takarazuka actresses, and I was able to take some good photos. Of course, I was happiest to see Chie-chan. And I was happy to see how many fans she has. I got to talk to fans from Japan and China! There was another Western fan, too, but we didn`t get to talk. When the actresses got into their cars they looked so happy. But somehow it`s still sad… I hope we can meet again! Good luck!新宿校インストラクター LILITH写真撮影;LILITH