It turned out to be the house and studio of writer Fumiko Hayashi, whom I didn’t know, open to the general public. I decided to go in for closer inspection. What I found was a beautiful and well-kept old house surrounded by the most delightful garden. Inevitably I fantasised about me living in this peaceful patch ofland in the middle of the city, and pictured its dwellers doing so 70 years ago. The house itself, designed by architect Bunzo Yamaguchi, is actually two houses connected by a passageway. Regulations in the 1930s restricted construction size in the area, so building two separate houses and connecting them soon after completion was actually a clever idea for Fumiko and her family to get a bigger place, necessary for her but also for her painter husband to work. If you happen to be in the area this little museum-house is actually a good passtime, and it’s only 150 yen, so it won’t hurt your pocket! 新宿校インストラクター GORKA 写真撮影:ゴルチャン