I love Takarazuka! In December, my friend and I went to Hyogo together, to the the 2014 TCA Special at the Takarazuka Grand Theater. It was good to see Hana no Michi again. Takarazua is such a beautiful city, and the weather was great, too.My friend and I met outside the theater. She`s very tall, so it was easy to find her. We went to sit in the cafeteria with the rest of the fanclub members (my friend is in a club, so she got good tickets for us). We had a delicious meal together before the show.The show was wonderful! Hoshigumi is my favorite troupe, so of course I liked the Hoshigumi skit best. Yuzuki Reon was very energetic, and everyone was having fun. But Toki Irisu`s wig fell off during the show! I felt bad, but it was funny. After the comedy skits, there was a lot of singing and dancing. It was all so beautiful.The next time I watch Takarazuka it will be in the Tokyo Takarazuka Theater in Hibiya. But I want to go to the Grand Theater again soon!新宿校講師 Lilith写真撮影:Lilith