This Monday was Culture Day, so I had the day off. Me and my family had decided to go on a short road trip to Aizu. My family all got up at the ungodly time of 6AM and crammed us into our Toyota Voxy for a rainy two hour trip to Goshikinuma. At Goshikinuma fall was in full effect and it was like the leaves were ablaze in the mist. Then we headed for Tsuruga Castle after a quick detour to a famous Sauce-umKatsudon shop in Aizu Wakamatsu called Murai. It was really yummy and the cutlet pieces were absolutely massive! Anyways, we spent about an hour strolling around the castle, famous for a suicidal group of young men called the Byakkotai. On the way home we had dinner in Kitakata. Honestly speaking, I think their ramen is a bit over rated. The Piri-Kara-Yuzu-Cheese- Ramen I had at Oppeshan the day before was way more delicious. Well, all in all I had a really good time. If you have a day off and don’t know what to do, go to Aizu! 駅前校インストラクター:Axel 写真撮影:Axel