Hello, Everyone! I am a new teacher at Stage-line(Ekimae). You can call me Aria. よろしくお願いします! I am so surprised that my company has opened a blog for our staff and instructors. It’s awesome! Actually, I love keeping my diary. It always makes me feel better and happier when I write down my thoughts and feelings. Also, it helps keeping me accountable to the major goals in my life. Today was my first day of work. It was full of excitement! I had a good dinner date with my husband just the night before working full time, so as to officially say goodbye to my long long holiday. It was so nice to eat out before I didn’t have to cook! I would like to thank my co-workers here. I am really grateful for the support that I received from the head and colleagues. And the students here are nice. I am so blessed to work here. I could not be happier! Hope you have a nice weekend! 駅前校インストラクター Aria写真撮影:小松