This September 19th was Mid-Autumn Moon Festival for many countries in Asia or 月見 in Japan. Traditionally, it is a day to celebrate the full moon during harvest(収穫) season. Maybe it is similar to Thanksgiving holidays in Canada and America. In Canada, I always enjoyed eating moon cake(月餅) because there are many Chinese goods in Vancouver and because it is delicious! This year my mom sent me moon cake from home. Thanks mom! By chance, this year’s moon viewing day is also Beard Papa’s cream puff day. They say 10 for 十⇒シュー and 9 for 九⇒ク so 19th becomes シュークリームの日 or cream puff day. I caved and bought 5 pie cream puffs from the beard papa in Sendai station. I celebrated moon viewing with my friends by eating moon cake and cream puffs. However, it was a lot of dessert so I better start going to the gym again… During this season, the moon is yellowish orange and very big around 7pm. It becomes very bright and small around 10pm. On the 19th, the moon was beautiful at around 9:30pm but I got a lot of mosquito bites! 月見も日本の一つの文化ですか? 子供のとき母親に「月は直接見ちゃダメ」「不運もしくは悪いことが起こる」と言われました。 確かに満月を見ると、不思議な力を感じます。 ずっと今まで「もし、直接見ないなら、どのように見るか」と思っています。 「鏡で写してみるかなぁ」と何回も考えました。 やっぱり迷信を信じないので、満月であればガンガン見ます。 誰か月を直接見てはいけない理由を知っていますか? Did you see the "Harvest Moon"? 仙台校インストラクター Jeremy 写真撮影 Jeremy