Even though the rainy season isn’t really over yet in Sendai, I think you can say that summer has started. Most people might not agree with me, but my point is that that years first fireworks display has already been held. And that’s the start of summer for me. I’m talking about the Minato Matsuri in Shiogama. I went there last weekend with some friends and even though it was raining a bit we had a blast. Of course I wore my yukata. As I’ve said many times before, I love my yukata! Unfortunately though, my wife forgot to bring my geta, and since I was wearing sneakers before changing into the festival get up, I had to stop by a home center and pick up some slippers on the way. Sneakers and yukata is by no means an acceptable combination. The only slippers they had were crocs, so that was what I got. New crocs and wet ground turned out to be a very bad deal for my feet though, and I ended up getting a huge painful blister on my left pinky, that burst on my way to work a few days later and made a pretty nasty scene in my shoe. Enjoy the summer festivals but make sure you use proper footwear! 仙台校インストラクター Axel 写真撮影 Axel