G’day! My name is Jake and I have come from Australia. I have many interests including (but not limited to) snowboarding, rugby, scuba, woodwork, study and photography. I originally came to Sendai 7 years ago to study at Miyagi Kyouiku University. Sendai is where I met my lovely wife, we were married in Rockhampton, where I have taught English at the Rockhampton University. I have a Bachelor Degree in Language Education, CELTA from Cambridge, and have been an examiner for IELTS. My favourite thing about Japan is the clarity of seasons. In Australia summer is very hot and winter is only about 10°c (that’s why so many Australians come to Japan to ski) I always enjoy a good conversation, so drop by sometime and have a chat with me. I look forward to meeting you. 仙台インストラクター:Jake 写真撮影:ゆめちゃん