This winter, I picked up a new hobby. Usually, my favorite thing to do in my free time is visiting shrines and temples. I like to collect the signatures and stamps from all the shrines and temples I visit. However this winter was very cold, so I decided to find something to do while staying warm indoors. I was first introduced to temari by a friend who often frequents craft stores. She posted some pictures of her recent projects online and I decided I wanted to learn too. She showed me the basics and off I went. My first few temari were rather simple but I have since started expanding my capacities and started inventing my own patterns. Temari is a very relaxing and satisfying handicraft. I highly recommend it for anyone.Making temari is simple all you need is rags and string of varying color and thickness, all of which you can acquire easily from your local craft or dollar stores. After that the possibilities are endless. 銀座校インストラクター ANNA写真撮影:ANNA