I’m reading a Japanese book called Tetsugaku no Genzai (哲学の現在). It means The Current State of Philosophy. At university and graduate school, I majored in philosophy. I often read philosophy books and discuss philosophy. I always think philosophically. My oldest memory of a philosophical thought is from when I was four years old. I don’t remember what I did, but my mom punished me. I had to sit in a corner of a room for one hour. While I was sitting in the corner, I asked her why she punished me. She said because I was bad, so she was teaching me the difference between right and wrong. I then asked, "Are you teaching me the difference between right and wrong or are you trying to control me?" Maybe I was a bad boy, but I had a talent to think philosophically. Have you ever had any philosophical thoughts? Please tell me next time you see me! 仙台インストラクター:丸 写真撮影:えーちゃん