It was freezing some weeks ago, wasn’t it? It was snowy even here in Tokyo. Fortunately or unfortunately, this year it was the snowy coming of age day!! When you turned 20 this year, how did you feel about it? I went to a Coming of age day ceremony in my neighbourhood by car. Though you can legally drive a car after 18 in Japan, it was slightly strange for me to visit there by car, which made me feel that I actually grew up. The ceremony was certainly interesting and the highlight was ,without doubt, meeting and having a conversation with my old friends from my junior high school and high school. Doing so, it reminded me of my school days. Now that I am writing a little about my old friends, it is time for me to have another reunion. When was your last time to attend your reunion? I hope you will have new one soon !! 銀座校インストラクター ひろしです。写真撮影:HIROSHI