Hi everyone, how was your summer? Did you have a summer break? What did you do?It was another looong, hot, humid summer here in Tokyo. It’s finally started to cool down but it can still be a bit humid. I took a day off two weeks ago and planned to get out of Tokyo for some much needed downtime but in the end, I ended up staying local and trying a few restaurants I’ve heard were good. The popular Bills chain has a new location at the Tokyu Plaza in Shibuya and fortunately, they weren’t too busy on a Tuesday morning. In the afternoon, I ended up dropping by the Sbarro which is right by Shibuya station. Really nostalgic for me to get a stuffed pizza and Pepsi there. Reminds me of my school days. Anyways, looking forward to the autumn leaves and the cooler weather. Talk to you later! 銀座校インストラクター Gerald