Over the past few weeks I have started working out again with the goal weighing 75 kilograms. When I first arrived in Japan my weight was nearly 90 kilograms, probably the heaviest I have been in my life. After the first three weeks of working out I lost over 6 kilograms. However, I had to take a few days off because I injured my shoulder while swimming. Now I am looking for a “stretch cord” so that I can do exercises to strengthen my shoulder muscles. Next week I will start an online course in mathematics called Real Analysis. The course is extremely difficult and involves “proofs”, which I do not like. Hopefully I perform well in the class as it is the last course I need to take before I apply for PhD programs in statistics and biostatistics. I will also begin Japanese language classes at the Miyagi International Association on September 10th. I have learned about 700 or so Japanese words and around 200 Kanji characters studying by myself, so hopefully this class will help increase my speaking and listening abilities. I’m really excited for tonight’s festival and fireworks. I really enjoy speaking with students at Stage Line’s events because it allows me to get to know everyone better. Hopefully I will see many students tonight! 仙台インストラクター アーロン 撮影:さっちん