Hello everyone, As this month’s question is ‘can you recommend any good restaurants near here?’ I thought I would write about two of my recommendations. The first is a soup curry restaurant called SAMA in Izumichuo. I hear this dish comes from Hokkaido. I recommend you try the chicken curry with the coconut soup. You can choose how spicy you want your meal to be but be careful, even a 3 was spicy!The second is a pizza restaurant in Tomiya called Love and Pizza. It’s a bit far out but it’s the best pizza I have eaten in Japan. The chef learnt to make pizzas in Italy and they have a real pizza oven in the restaurant. Make sure you book a table, it gets busy!I love eating out at the weekend and I’m always looking for new restaurants to try so please let me have your recommendations!仙台校インストラクターTammy