Hello, everyone. I hope you are enjoying the warm weather.Last week I went back to my hometown and spent time with my family.We stopped by a very old but popular bakery in Koriyama. (The bakery is called “大友パン”)Back in high school, they used to have a delivery service to our high school during the lunchtime. As soon as the class finished, I ran and waited in line to get my special favorites, such as キャラメルパン,クリームボックス, チョコマーブル. When I was a high school student, I practiced tennis everyday. Sometimes, the practice was so hard that I couldn’t even walk. When that happened, I ate the life-saving breads to get some energy and then went back to practice.The taste of my favorite breads reminded me of those good all days.I really enjoyed the taste of nostalgia. If you have chance to go to Koriyama, you should definitely check out the bakery!!仙台スタッフ ジャワ