You need a haircut and don’t feel like going out to the salon. Sometimes your hair needs a little trim, or sometimes you feel like chopping it all off. For the brave (or the stingy!), there is the concept of the home haircut. Cutting your own hair can be challenging, especially cutting the back with a mirror, since every movement you make in a mirror is backwards. It takes a little practice to get the movement down, but once you cut your own hair a few times you’ll get used to it and can perfect your technique. I’ve been doing that for well over 10 years, and I’ve never felt the urge to see a stylist nor going to a barbershop, it is now part of my lifestyle and although I occasionally mess up (had a little accident last year where I cut part of my ear off!) and am not always fully satisfied with the final results, I still get a kick out of saying I did it on my own! 銀座校インストラクター マーチン