Hello, everybody! It’s Cherry again. How was your GW? Did you take a trip somewhere? I went back to China for a vacation. And I was told that my cousin was going to get married in the August. Have you ever been in a Chinese wedding? Well it’s almost the same as everywhere else. Families and friends gather together to hold a banquet and give the new couple their blessings. It’s usually held in a restaurant or at home. Traditionally, the bride would wear red clothes for red is considered a lucky color in Chinese culture. But nowadays more and more young people prefer a fancy white wedding dress. During the wedding, a new couple would make tea for each other’s parents. This means that they vow to treat each other’s parents as their own in the future. Every guest would get a pack of candies after the wedding as a way of sharing the new couple’s happiness. 仙台校インストラクター Cherry