Hello, everyone. How’s it going? It’s Cherry. Today I’m going to talk about football. Yes, I’m a football fan and I have been one since I was 7. It’s probably because I’m from a city where almost everyone (at least guys) loves football. In my childhood memory, Sunday was always football day. We have two teams in the top league. And when it comes to Derby day when they get to play against each other, it’s a really big thing. People go back home from all around China to see the match. Some even get back from aboard. It’s impossible to get a ticket and every bar is full of people watching match and drinking and yelling. It’s really interesting that a game of 22 men and one ball can become a festival for the whole city. I guess that’s kind of why football is so popular all over the world. Oh BTY, I’m starting teaching English in Sendai Ekimae School now. Looking forward to have you in my lesson.仙台校 インストラクターCherry