I am a big tea drinker. I don’t exactly know when I started drinking tea, but I know I always loved Japanese green tea growing up. That’s for sure.I would sit down with my grandma over tea and spend a quiet afternoon chatting with her. I was a grandma’s girl.Now, I like coffee if it is real good coffee. However, good coffee is hard to come by, anyway. Sure! Good tea is hard to find, but I am always hunting for a nice cuppa. I am not necessarily after fancy, posh tea. There are a lot of good teas out there which are reasonably priced and perfect for day to day drinking enjoyment. I have been a loyal customer of Tetley tea, a division of Tata Tea. It was swallowed by Tata Tea just a few years ago, but originally, Tetley Brothers started a little tea company in England more than a hundred years ago. Maybe, more than 150 years ago. Tetley is the one who invented easy-brewing teabag tea that is so popular today. Tetley USA, which I fell in love with while living in US, make different blend of tea from original Tetley UK. They are both available at a local supermarket, so if you have a chance to travel to US or UK, why don’t you treat yourself to a box of nice Tetley draw-string tea? They’re the kind you brew in hot water in a mug, pull the strings to squeeze out every drop of good stuff into your cup and can drink and enjoy till the very last drop.Enjoy! 仙台インストラクター Eriko