I bought a new laptop a few months ago. It came bundled with this software called Garageband. It’s a program for recording and editing music. A couple of weeks ago I tried it out for the first time, and it was actually great! Good functions for recording, mixing and editing. And really easy to use too! I know my way around a computer but I’m not a wiz by any means, so that was a big relief. Me and some friends have a band together and I try to write cool, or at least decent, songs for us to play. But I’m no Brian Wilson so writing songs with two guitars and a bass playing different stuff, just by imagining the harmonies in my head is nearly impossible. That’s where garageband really comes in handy! Now I can record two seperate guitar tracks, and use a pitched down guitar for the bass line, and even program a d-beat on the built in drum machine. Watch out, because when people hear these songs crazy things are bound to happen! 仙台校インストラクター Axel