When I checked the mail box one night, I found a notice from the Asahi Newspaper Company. While I was still wondering what is was and why, it finally rang a bell when I saw the subject ‘Asahi Weekly essay contest’. I got really excited about the result and couldn’t sleep a lot that night. It was only the next day, however, that I found out the third prize. The title of the essay was ‘Next Ten Years’, predicting both the future of the world and yourself in ten years time. Considering the scale of the topic, encapsulating in 400 words was quite challenging. Nevertheless, it gave me an opportunity to express my thoughts clearly and write precisely. The most significant change that would happen in the next ten years, I think, is a radical political change with the development of information technology, particularly the Internet and social media. As for me, I hope to be working in the international development field in order to give something back to a world that has given me so many opportunities in terms of education and personal development. 銀座校インストラクター Nori