One of my favorite holidays of the year has to be Groundhog’s day. Although I don’t believe in the prognosticating powers of the groundhog, I do like the legend surrounding it. According to popular legend, the groundhog — or woodchuck — emerges from his winter hibernation on Groundhog’s Day, traditionally celebrated on February 2nd . If the day is sunny, the Groundhog will see his shadow, will become frightened by it and will return to his hole to sleep for 6 more weeks as we endure an extended winter. If it’s cloudy, however, he won’t receive the fright and we are due for an early spring.The day is full of activities and fun. The press joins in to make sure the rest of the world is informed. A favorite movie of mine, "Groundhog’s Day” (恋はデジャ・ブ), captures the spirit of the moment and is a cute love story as well.Everybody wish for a cloudy day tomorrow, I really want an early spring!仙台校インストラクター Michael