In my kingdom cold… Snow! Finally! It’s just a couple of centimeters and it’s just barely minus degrees so it will be gone soon, but I love it and I’m enjoying it till it lasts. The snow is covering everything like a big white blanket, dampening all sounds and making all things soft and fuzzy. I just love walking around in the snow. Everything is a bit out of control. Buses and trains stop running or don’t come on time, people are walking on the streets and cars are ignoring their lanes. It feels like the whole world is moving in slow motion. And the smells! Have you ever noticed that the air smells different in temperatures below the freezing point? And the smell of fresh snow? I just wish I could take a week off and go up to a secret cabin in the mountains or out in the forest. And the perfect soundtrack to all of this is of the song which I stole the intro to this text from. 仙台校インストラクター Axe