I love 焼き御握り’s. Last week I was in the Sendai station with a little time to kill so I decided to go and get some take out Yaki Onigiri. I went and placed my order at the shop & the store clerk said it would be ready in about 20 minutes. I love 焼き御握り’s for their simple plain taste and that カリカリ surface. I arrived at the shop 5 minutes before the due time to collect my yummy Onigiri’s .. Only 600 for 4. I thanked the store clerk and made my way to my car. Along the way I couldn’t resist and so I opened up reached to grab my nice hot onigiri.. Only to find that they were not actually Hand made. They were in fact the same as the frozen 焼き御握り’s at home. I was SHOCKED and disappointed !! I won’t be going back there again. 仙台校インストラクター JASON