Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a nice holiday. For my vacation, I went back home to America to see my family for about 7 days. I’m from the East Coast of the United Stated, so it was a really long trip! I had a lot of fun though. I have to say, the thing I miss most about being in America is the food! My Mom did something special, and cooked Thanksgiving (even though it was a month past), and I got to eat my favorite bagels from a local bagel shop in my hometown. I also got to go to some fast food restaurants that do not exist in Japan – like Taco Bell, which is Mexican food. I also went back to my college town and went to my favorite cafe there, and ordered the meal I always used to eat when I was in college. It was a great vacation!Food is always a very nostalgic thing for me – cooking it, smelling it, and tasting it. It brings me back to the times in my life where I used to eat that food a lot. My Mom’s Thanksgiving meal reminds me of my family and all the fun times we have spent together, the bagels from my hometown make me remember growing up and going to that bagel shop with my friends after school, and Taco Bell reminds me of late night trips through the drive through with my sister. And of course, the cafe in my college town reminds me of my college days. It’s always fun to revisit those times in your life and reminisce a little bit. What’s your nostalgic food? 新宿校インストラクター ADDIE