A ceremony arose where Santa Claus would welcome the first shipment of oranges at Vancouver Port accompanied by several young Japanese girls wearing traditional kimono. Santa would then take the delicious fruit back to the North Pole and deliver them to eager boys and girls by placing one in the toes of their Christmas Stockings.I remember ignoring the candies and gifts within my Stocking and digging straight to the toe to get at the “Japanese Mandarin”. My brothers and sisters & I would have a competition to see if we could peel it whole retaining one large intact peel. Afterwards we’d savour the flavourful treat and then get to opening the rest of our Stockings and any other presents that Santa Claus had brought.So if anyone wants to help me bring back my childhood memories, present me with a tasty Mikan around Christmas and I’ll be eternally grateful.仙台校インストラクター Michael