This is the story of an abduction. One day my bike disappeared. Just like that, no warning note hanging from the handle. I was hoping I was wrong and looked through all the bicycles, praying I was somehow missing mine. Maybe someone put it somewhere else? Someone really funny -bless them-? I went round the block: nothing. I ended up turning to my friends at the police station and they told me many bikes were taken away that day and that the ransom was 4,000 yen. ‘Of course! Anything for my bike!’. I had no time to lose, perhaps the bikenappers would grow impatient and start sending me bits of her, the back light now,maybe the bell tomorrow, and who knows, they could get really angry and even send me a wheel! No,I couldn’t allow that to happen so I went to the jitensha-jail and paid the ransom straight away. As I was paying one of the three jailers commented on how expensive the ransom was and all three burst into laughs when I said that I would only be eating onigiri for the next two weeks. I cracked them, honestly. There’s something about seeing a gaijin suffer that some Japanese really enjoy. I rescued my bike though, and that’s all that matters. 新宿校インストラクター Gorka