Last month my wedding was held in Chiba. Although I’m British, my husband and I decided to have a Shinto ceremony because my family was coming from Europe. They wanted to learn more about Japanese customs, and my mother wanted to wear a kimono so we thought Shinto would be the best choice.Also, I really like sake and I heard it would be served during the ceremony. At the ceremony, I was very nervous. When the Miko came to give the sake cups, I assumed mine was already full so I tried to drink. Unfortunately, it was empty. I was embarrassed as the Miko returned to pour the sake. After that, I relaxed and started to enjoy myself as I had already made a mistake and no longer felt the pressure. My family had a great time too, thank you to students and Stageline coworkers for making them feel so welcome!銀座校インストラクター Catty