I lost a lot of motivation this summer. If someone asks me, "Why?" I’ll answer simply like this:I feel like I just spent the most extraordinary six months of my life and returning to normal life is not so easy. After the earthquake, which was itself a unique experience, I visited 3 different countries in 72 hours full of unforgetttable memories. And after returning back to Japan, I realized how everything could change in an instant and decided to take any opportunity that would come to me to make my life more rewarding. I made lots of new friends (and girlfriends), traveled a lot, made some money, had lots of fun, and all this while having lessons at Tohoku university and working at Stage Line. It was tough from time to time, but as I said it was rewarding. Now, I came back from an awesome trip of 3 weeks from France to Poland and to Hokkaido, and I cannot sit down and rest properly. I cannot work on my studies either. I hope I can travel everywhere like this my whole life…仙台インストラクター Faustin