Anytime I have a weekend off, I try to experience different parts of Japan. Because it is summer, this particular occasion I went to Zushi Beach. I take pride in the fact that I am somewhat of a world traveler and am very good at preparing for trips. “Sandals? Check! Suntan Lotion? Check! Money? Check! Traveling bag? Check! Passmo?Check!”And I was off. It’s great to see people on the train when it’s a beautiful day for the beach. You can see those poor salary men in their hot suits, fanning themselves, with that workday look in their eyes. Then as you get closer to the beach, the salary men filter out and there’s only smiling, shades and sandal wearing people filling the train with sounds of laughter and finally, on that day, I was one of them. Once I arrived at the station and got off my train, it turned out that all my friends were on the same train and coincidentally we met on the platform! That is a sign of a good day at the beach. Next was buying beer and a quick walk to the beach to choose a spot to sit. Zushi Beach. Beautiful! Okay, “Swimming trunks? On! Frisbee? In my hand! Friends? Accounted For! Oh Yeah…Suntan Lotion! Done! Let’s Play!” After hours of drinking, swimming, frisbee throwing and talking to girls, I really appreciated the fact that I was so organized and prepared for this trip. That Suntan Lotion was a smart move too because it was hot! But as I started to walk, I realized that I should of put suntan on my feet! By the end of the day, my feet were so burned that I could barely walk! From beach (ouch-sand!), to the station (ouch-wearing sandals!), from the station (ouch! More walking) to my home (ouch! More walking..the agony!!). Next time, putting suntan lotion on my feet will be on my check list. 新宿校インストラクター MG