Last bank holiday I went rafting with a couple of friends. It was my first time, although I had had many opportunities before. We went to Mitake and although it was somehow interesting and fun thanks to my friends, it certainly didn’t end up being quite the ‘adventure’ I was expecting. I admit that I fell into the water once and got a couple of bruises too, but the overall experience did not differ much from that of a ride on a boat at Ueno pond, really, both for the placidity of the liquid element as well as the amount of people on both banks of the river, some of which were even taking pictures of us. Disapointing. Victoria Falls between Zambia and Zimbabwe is said to be the best place for rafting in the world. Until I decided to live in Tokyo, I would be there once every three weeks due to/thanks to my job back then, so I always thought I would have the chance to go white water rafting whenever I ‘really’ felt like it. That’s why I kept pushing it forward in time and choosing more relaxing activities instead, like the Sunset Cruise -also known as the Booze Cruise for obvious reasons- or just laze my free days away by the pool. You get the notion. But I never did and one day I found myself in a land far far away, and the next day ‘rafting’ in Mitake. There is however a learning I can take from this, and I hope it is also helpful for you if you’re reading this: Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today, whatever that ‘what’ may be. 新宿校インストラクター go-kai★