I’m a big movie buff but recently I haven’t been able to afford to go lately. Furthermore, several of the Cinemas were damaged in the Earthquake/tsunami so I had to wait until they were repaired. Earlier this month though, a movie I’d been looking forward to premiered at MOVIX Rifu and I splurged and treated myself to a flick. I’m a big fan of SuperHero Movies and I saw the prequel to the X-Men movies, X-MEN: ファースト・ジェネレーション or X-Men, First Class. I thoroughly enjoyed it and am anxiously waiting to see other SuperHero movies in the coming weeks. Unfortunately, some of these movies won’t reach Japan for a few months but next month I hope to see THOR (マイティ・ソー), and eventually GREEN LANTERN and CAPTAIN AMERICA. If anyone would like to join me, please leave a message at Stage-Line, I’d appreciate the company. 仙台インストラクター 舞蹴