Hello everyone! My name is Michael Jones and I’m from Canada. I’ve been in Japan for over 11 years but don’t believe that I can speak Japanese well…because I can’t! (Great teacher/terrible student.) Therefore it’s up to you to use English all the time. Among my hobbies are watching Eagles, listening to NHL hockey on the net-radio, playing the card game Bridge, singing, watching movies and TV, reading, writing,etc.etc.etc. I also have the bad habit of collecting too many toys. I’m looking forward to meeting and chatting with each and every one of you and over the next several months, we’ll have plenty of opportunity to do so. I only have one warning: if you take a lesson with me, bring a sweater. I use a lot of puns (oyaji gaggu) so the room can get quite chilly! Cheers to all, 仙台インストラクター 舞蹴