On my Golden Day (my day-off during the golden week), one of the students in Ginza school and I went out together. The weather was beautiful with a little nice breeze and the warm touch of spring in the air. We went to an Indonesian restaurant in Lala Port Toyosu which has a wonderful view of the bay. After that, we went on a short cruising trip around the bay. Although we could see nothing but tall buildings along the riverbanks, the Skytree in the distance and the various bridges of different times and styles were truly fascinating. We had great fun together, talking about things ranging from travel experiences, fashion to cultural differences. It was amazing that although my Japanese was far from enough to have such conversations, it didn’t stop us from having a great time together. これから、日本語の勉強も頑張ります。銀座校インストラクター ミッチー