This semester, I took 7 classes as part of my master’s degree. Until now, it wasn’t that much work, but 気づいたら、レポートあふれていました! So I lived in lab for a week and did a different report every day. ヒーターのそばでいすを並んで寝ました. わたしだけじゃなく、the M2 students also slept in lab working hard on their 修論. 本当に大変でした! やっと、I’m free! I drank so much coffee recently that now I’m fighting カフェイン中毒www カフェイン中毒は大変なので、please drink coffee responsibly. What are everyone’s plans for spring break? Right now, my only plans are doing research and teaching. But I really want to go to Fukuoka. 旅行のとき、気をつけて楽しんでくださいね。仙台インストラクター St. funyy