Something that has been on my mind lately is the idea of cycles. I think that when there is a down turn in luck or in life I have learned that if I keep on keeping on life will swing back up. Last year was a difficult year but like the spring following the winter this has been proven true because in the past couple months my life is back on an upswing. To start I had a really good vacation in Izu a couple months ago. Then I made a plan to reupholster my sofa and my fabric arrived and I spent half my weekend working away, stapling hear and there, and with a snip snip here and staple staple there I finished it. I am pretty proud of my work and am loving coming home to it for the last couple days. Another great thing that has happened has been that I was put into a student’s book as a character in two pages of here manga. This doesn’t sound like a big deal but I think it is pretty cool to be in her book and appreciate it a lot. She has me explaining how in English we don’t use any phrases regularly that are similar to gambare and on the other is a joke about me not wearing a swim cap because I have a shaved head. Pretty cool if you ask me and buy her book if you can so I can be in Volume 2 😉 There is always some bad with the good though and sadly I had to say goodbye to some of my regular students that have been teaching for a long time. I know that they are moving onto better things and I am thankful to have been able to meet, teach, and get to know them. They were really nice and said a lot of nice things when they left so if you read this I wish you all the best in the future J and thanks again. I hope everyone reading this is doing well and check out my pics from my reupholstering and my manga debut if you can.銀座インストラクター MK