I recently moved into a new house. I was surprised to find, on moving day, that a fat gray cat was lurking around my front porch. He seemed very friendly and before I knew it, he ran inside of my place!He seemed very healthy and happy and I was certain that he had an owner. I chased him out of the house after a short visit and said farewell. However, since that day he continues to visit my front porch asking to come in. He is also warming up to my boyfriend. My boyfriend thinks he came with the house and therefore we are free to name him. He named him Louewiss, after Lewis Carroll because the cat seems to always appear out of nowhere like the Cheshire Cat in "Alice’s adventures in Wonderland." I told my boyfriend that we need to ask all of the neighbors about him before we name him, feed him, and keep him as our own. Louewiss seems to have finalized the deal on Monday, during the rain storm, when he ran into our house to stay out of the rain. What would you do? We couldn’t kick him out into the rain! 新宿校インストラクター Jamie