It’s been cooler and rainier in Tokyo recently and I am so thankful. This summer has been exceptionally hot and I think because the heat has been so constant it has made people long for the winter. The type of weather we are having recently really makes me remember the weather in Canada during the summer. The days are hot but nights and some days have a climate like Tokyo in September and early October. What this type of climate is good for is the ability to enjoy a cool but nice day and stay in and relax in the comfort of home in the evening. With the weather comfort of home in mind I now know I am really looking forward to the winter this year. My wife and I are going to spend the winter in Japan with no plans to go traveling till next year. Usually on the winter holidays I want to get away from Tokyo and do some travelling. This year I think I just want to relax and enjoy the warmth of my home with maybe some wine or hot teat/cocoa and either watch TV, some movies, or play a few video games. A lifestyle of staying home and not going out or doing a lot of physical activity is called ‘a sedentary lifestyle’ and is usually not recommended as a healthy way to live. For the next couple months though I think a sedentary lifestyle is exactly what I need and I think there is a lot to be said for the comfort of home and just being idle. Bertrand Russell wrote an essay entitled In Praise of Idleness which talks about the virtue of not living to work but working to live. I will take what he says and adapt it to my own personal Fall/Winter goals and not plan or have any major activities to accomplish for the next couple months and just enjoy the simple pleasures of home and idleness. 銀座インストラクター MK