The next day we went to the Iwate Museum of Art, which was a short bus ride from Morioka station. We were in anticipation of more happiness and artistic discovery of the Avant Garde kind, and it turned out to be a visit worthy of praise for the artist’s work we saw. That artist was Tetsugoro Yorozu a guy who was born in Iwate prefecture. Fortunately his work is in the permanent exhibition and can be easily and enjoyably viewed. We particularly enjoyed viewing his self portraits. We then left the interesting gallery and did some sight seeing in Morioka city. There is some historical interest in Morioka which we enjoyed as well as having coffee in an old bank building and an old cafe. The next day we came back to Miyagi in which I had to work again. We enjoyed the local train ride and view of the countryside passing through the smaller places of Iwate and Miyagi. Until next time……..仙台インストラクター JSN C