This is my third week in StageLine, and I feel so lucky to be accepted as a member of a big family. The anxiety and uneasiness which usually accompanies the newcomers to a company was dissolved by the warm and friendly help my fellow workers gave me. I came to Japan last August. At first, it was a nice break from the hectic working schedule I had back in China. Everything was new to me; even a trip to the nearby supermarket by myself was almost like an adventure. I started going to a culture center for Japanese lessons and met some great friends. The brand-new experiences were all very refreshing and exciting, but I knew, deep down, I always wanted to work. That’s why I feel very grateful for the opportunity to work with StageLine and it feels liberating and inspiring to be out working as an English teacher. I’m always impressed with the students’ enthusiasm in learning English, their passion for life and their insights into various issues. I also get to see the differences between cultures and have always been fascinated by them. Before I came, I went through an incredibly difficult time weighing the pros and cons of moving to another country. One day when I was on the bus, I read something that helped me make up my mind. It was a book called Purpose Driven Life and it invites the reader to think about what life is like. I closed the book and the first thing that popped into my mind was that I wanted my life to be like a garden. So maybe I need colors for my life. Life in Tokyo hasn’t failed me yet. And I expect more colors in my future. 銀座インストラクター MC