Some people know I like cooking. It is when I was studying abroad that I realized how interesting cooking is. I was living in America as an international student, struggling to assimilate into their food culture. I do not have any likes and dislikes, so I did not have much trouble. However, I was a poor student. I did not want to spend money eating out. Instead, I tried to cook although I was not used to cooking at that time. Things were going well as I was getting better at shopping at a supermarket, where I could find many food items at a very low price. For example, four boxes of pasta cost 99 cents (90 yen), from which I could make 12 dishes of pasta! The one and a half years of living in America changed my life style. I have been cooking even after I came back to Japan. Now I prefer fish to meat. This does not mean I am getting older. It means I have more recipes ready than before. While I am writing this diary, I am cooking fish (buri) miso soup with a lot of vegetable. When I have finished writing, late dinner will be ready. 銀座インストラクター KZ