Hello Everyone.I have returned from a long vacation abroad. In my last entry I mentioned returning to New York City. I was gone for two weeks and I had a wonderful experience.New York City had a great energy as always and I spent some time there visiting friends, going to concerts, and eating at nice restaurants. The show that I enjoyed the most in New York was a small Zeena Parkins concert.She is an interesting musician that has played with many different kinds of artists over the years. She built and plays an electric harp at her shows which is very interesting. My friend called her the Jimi Hendrix of the harp. Although I always love to spend time in NYC, I spent most of my vacation outside of the city in my hometown in PA. After spending the past six months in Tokyo I needed a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. I spent a whole week doing outdoor activities with my mother and visiting my father. My mother and I went hiking in the mountains that surround our home and we swam under the beautiful waterfalls in the forest. It was such a beautiful experience.My friends also got married so I was lucky enough to join their wedding ceremony.It was held on an old farm. Most Americans are married by a Priest in a church. However, my friends were married in the forest by a Native American. It was a very lovely ceremony and afterwards everyone sat around a camp fire and talked into the evening. It was a great trip but now I am happy to be home in Tokyo. I look forward to seeing you in class soon! 新宿校インストラクター/Jamie